NCAA Varsity Initiative

Helpful People - National Collegiate Varsity Women's Rugby Association

A number of the athletic directors and athletic administrators who support rugby at the varsity level have formed an organization to help promote the sport.  The members of the National Collegiate Varsity Women's Rugby Association communicate regularly and are pleased to help those who are considering elevating their teams.

Click here for a list of current varsity rugby teams and a contact person for each team.

What does it mean to be a "varsity" team? 

The term means different things in different organizations.  Click here for more information.

How does Title IX impact women's rugby?

Title IX and it's application can be confusing.  For information on how it can impact women's rugby click here.

What does the budget for a varsity program look like?

The answer is different for each school.  Click here for a description of budget elements.  

Click here for sample budget models.

What makes Women's Rugby a good candidate for elevation to varsity status?

Click here for a flyer you can share with others about some of the special characteristics of the sport.

How can I tell if my school is in compliance with Title IX?

The Department of Education conducts an annual survey of all institutions of higher education that play intercolliegate athletics.  Their reporting tool has an amazing amount of information. To access the website, click here.